6 Lessons to Learn Working in Customer Service

I am going to start by surprisingly say that everyone should experience working in customer service. Why? Customer service jobs will prepare you for your future career or business.

For those who read this and are currently working in customer service, you may disagree, but you will learn so much, particularly how to deal with people!– very important.

There are so many skills to learn in customer service, one of them being, having people skills. Yes, this day and age, you have to have excellent people skills. It amazes me when many avoid working customer service jobs and never learn how to work with others productively.

Working with others is not easy. It’s something you have to experience first hand and get used to. It will make you a well-rounded person; most importantly, you will learn how to deal with different people and personalities.

Learning how to work with others is essential, even when having your own business. Below, I list six lessons to learn when working in customer service.

1. Customers are always right, even if they are dead wrong.

No matter what, customers are always right unless they are caught stealing. Part of working in customer service is to kiss ass and make people want to come back to shop at your store or eat at your restaurant. You do not have to agree with the customer, but you will have to accommodate their needs. You don’t have to accommodate ridiculous requests that may put you in trouble or danger.

2. You often serve as a punching bag to customers.

Often people will take their anger out on you. They will pick a fight; they will insult you, or make you feel insignificant– Do NOT let it get to you. Know that you are not the problem– they are. Maybe that specific customer had a bad day or is going through obstacles. Whatever it is keep your cool and have a little compassion.

3. Multitasking Skills

One of the best skills to learn in this lifetime is multitasking. You will for sure learn it no matter if you work in a big or small company/restaurant. This skill will come in handy if you have a business or when applying for high-level Executive jobs.

4. Handling difficult situations.

Knowing that, if when there is a problem, in other words, a difficult customer, the best thing to do is take a deep breath and stay cool. Do not engage. Again, know that you are not the problem and let it go.

5. Patience

I am not going to lie; customer service jobs are one of the hardest and annoying jobs you will ever have, which is why having patience is essential. Customers will test your patience, but it’s best never to engage and stay calm.

6. People Skills!

People skills, again, are critical because it exposes you to understand all kinds of personalities, particularly those who are extremely difficult. It is a skill that is gradually learned by being understanding and having patience.


Customer service jobs are tough, but I believe it is an experience everyone should expose to. I guarantee that the skills learned will benefit your future career or business.


What customer service jobs did you work in?

I worked many, but the two places I mainly learned the most from were when I worked as a cashier at Staples Inc. and as an Information Services Assistant in the Visitor Services Department at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


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